Our Vision

St Patrick’s Parish School is A School with Altitude

This not only has meaning geographically but it suits us in terms of our beliefs about learning and life.

We see our school as 'A School with Altitude'. St Patrick's is a school that looks forward, a school where we can hold our heads high; where we can be proud and confident in ourselves and in each other. Obviously, high academic standards are a feature of any great school and yes, we set high standards in this regard. However, there are other qualities that are just as important if we are to describe ourselves as a school of excellence and quality.

A 'School with Altitude' has students and teachers who believe that anything is possible … that students can and will scale new heights of success. Our school is a school where students and teachers know they can take risks and learn in new and exciting ways.

We are an inclusive school where relationships and a strong sense of community are central to learning and being. We are a school where students not only develop their unique gifts but are also genuinely affirmed and respected by others.

We are a school where students and teachers are passionate about teaching and learning.

'A School with Altitude' believes that learning is a process where commitment and persistence count. Students are not only learning the skills to inquire, research, process, interpret and present information; they are taught to think about the information with which they work. 

'A School with Altitude' has a strong sense that God is with us, around us and always walking with us.

Our Christian values are integral to the what, why and how we learn. 'A School with Altitude' leads students to make good choices about life and to live life to the best of their ability.