Our Faith

School Prayer

Loving God,

We give thanks for the gift of rolling hills, plains and mountain ranges.

Bless our lives with a vision of altitude, inspiration, courage, strength, enthusiasm and hope.

May we seek times of stillness and prayer, to lift our eyes to the hills,

to hear your voice, to seek your blessings, healing, love and assurance.

In you, our lives are lifted up as on eagle’s wings with a vision of altitude.

We ask this prayer through Jesus Christ Our Lord.


Prayer is an integral part of the school day - in class, at daily assembly and during special assemblies at each campus and whole school activities. Staff meet once per week for morning prayer at each campus. Our inclusion of meditation on an individual and class basis is proving to be most  beneficial in enhancing our spiritual connectedness.

Faith Development Programs K-10

Students and staff have various opportunities to participate in activities which promote and enhance their faith development. These include:

  • Year 6 Transition to secondary school - reflection groups and liturgy.
  • Year 8 reflection activities at Wambiri, Tathra.
  • Year 7 and Year 9 Camps have a community building and spiritual focus.
  • Year 10 Reflection Day.
  • Visits and class retreats coordinted by the Catholic Youth Ministry team.
  • Staff Conference – a one day spirituality focus.
  • Parish Masses, liturgies and prayer meetings.

Sacramental Programs 

The sacramental program is parish based with the Parish Sacramental Program Coordinator overseeing the program. This usually involves the development of a timetable for all three sacraments: Reconciliation (Year 2); First Eucharist (Year 3) and Confirmation (Year 6). The coordinator organises parent/student discussion evenings. These evenings are designed to improve communication between parent and child regarding the understanding and reception of each sacrament. Discussions are held in small groups in various homes and the whole group meets together during the course of the program. One of the main purposes of the program is to give parents greater responsibility in the critical stages of their children’s faith development.

Community Service and Outreach

Students are encouraged through Religious Education and other classes to be involved in various community outreach and social justice activities. Activities that we have been involved in recently as a school include Grandparents and Friends Day at Infants Campus, an e-Conference at the Australian Catholic University, fundraising for Caritas for a range of worthy causes, Children’s Mission, NAIDOC Mass, the St Vincent de Paul Winter Appeal and Christmas Thanksgiving Appeal, singing at the local nursing home, students serving at a Seniors Week luncheon, student involvement as stewards in the Food Section at the Cooma Agricultural Show, visits to community groups by our choirs and performance groups.  The Archdiocesan Youth Ministry Team is also available to assist with reflection days at the school.

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